I’ve been remiss in my blogging over the last week. I had a 2 day migraine at the start of last week that I took about 4 days to recover from and I’m still having migraine hangover headaches and achy muscles. But I’m not asking for sympathy or trying to make further excuses for not blogging this week (I think migraine gives me a hall pass for last week).

I am not blogging tonight, (except for this) and probably won’t blog anything of significance until next week because I am having a Dr Who fest over the next few nights to rev me up and prepare for the big 50th Anniversary movie. I’m watching the last 2 seasons in the next few days.

I always thought my favourite Dr Who was Tom Baker, but then along came David Tennant and I truly fell in love with him – he wasn’t just insanely smart, witty, quippy, zaney, fun to be around (not to mention a little dangerous to be around) he was sexy and a bit dark too. I cried when he left our screens, but then Matt Smith was a revelation too. Not quite as sexy, but certainly everything else with a boyish charm that you fell in love with too.

Now there’s a new Dr and I can’t wait to discover who he is going to be. Personally, from what I’ve seen of Peter Capaldi as an actor, I think he’ll bring something exciting to the mix – and I trust Russell Davies with my Dr. But, more exciting than that is the 50th Anniversary movie, The Day of the Doctor. It brings two of my three favouite Dr’s together (not to mention Rose is back!) I have little shivers of excited anticipation every time I think of it. And I’m so enjoying season 6. Can’t wait to see season 7. And I definitely can’t wait for the movie. I’ve been #SaveTheDay – ing recently like crazy. Have you?

If not, here’s just a little something to whet your appatite for what’s to come. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hRy2N2CMhQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7z6FMCqYrBo Enjoy!

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  1. I share your order of Dr love there – Tom was always my fave doctor, but then along came the delectable David… πŸ™‚ But yeh I’ve fallen a bit for Matt as well, but no-one can EVER replace David πŸ™‚

    Bugger re the migraine – I know how that feels…

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