Pack Bound Series Testimonials

Pack Bound: Pack Bound Series Book 1

A great read full of interesting and well rounded characters. I’m not normally a paranormal reader. Or indeed a romance reader. But this was a compelling read in a thoroughly believable hidden world with interesting and attractive male protagonists. I look forward to more from this author.

Elizabeth Jane Corbett – award winning author of The Tides Between

Wow! I have found a new author to read! Leisl Leighton has created a world full of intrigue and captivating characters that draw you into the story and hold readers hostage until the very end. I was certainly spellbound throughout.

Eva Millien – Stormy Vixen Reviews

A promising start to the Pack Bound series. Pack Bound was an engaging read with great characters and I look forward to reading what the author has in store for me next. I would recommend this book to other readers.

Tracey Runge – Goodreads

 I was hooked! I love all the characters, not just the main ones. I hate the bad guys and am [very] intrigued by the plot line. I read nonstop because I had to know what exactly happened in her past. The further along I get in this story, the more I love it!

Cyn – Goodreads

Love this book! Awesome world the author has created and I love her writing style. Looking forward to the story continuing in book 2.

Marnie St.Clair – author

Really enjoyed Leighton’s novel Pack Bound. I love stories where the heroine isn’t aware of her powers and has to learn what she can do. Great start to a series.

Cathleen Ross – author

This world is exciting for me because it is set in Australia, and it is interesting that Witches and Weres are bound together to survive.  I found the premise very cool…I recommend to all shifter and witch fans because this is an intriguing story with tons going on and a new spin that you will love!  I can’t wait for the next book!

Cassandra Loskot – Cassandra Lost In Books Blog/Book Reviews 

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Moon Bound: Pack Bound Series Book 2

I have to say that the Pack Bound series is off to a great start, the first book Pack Bound was an exciting read and now Moon Bound is one thrilling read that had me glued to the pages…The Pack Bound world is definitely fascinating and full of intrigue which ensures that I am going to keep coming back for more.

Eva Millien – Stormy Vixen Reviews

The continuing saga of the Pack Bound series, Moon Bound bring us Wiccan Healer-Witch Bronwyn Kincaid and Wolf, River Collins. This is a great addition to the series with a fabulous storyline and engaging character I found myself glued intently throughout. I will be recommending this book and series to readers and look forward to reading more.

Tracey Runge – Goodreads

A fabulous storyline, with exciting characters and an intensity that leads the reader to want so much more.
I’m absolutely looking forward to the next book in this wonderful series.

Karen Roma – Goodreads

I love this book!

Jessica – Goodreads

I really enjoyed this story, and can’t wait to read the next story to see what happens next!…I recommend this unique Were-world to any paranormal fan who love shifters and magic mixed with mate love!  I wonder who’s story is next!!

Cassandra Loskot – Cassandra Lost In Books Blog/Book Reviews 

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Shifter Bound: Pack Bound Series Book 3

Book 3 in the Pack Bound series, Shifter Bound continues the battle for survival. With intrigue, conviction and strength there is nothing they won’t do to destroy the darkness. If you haven’t read this series, you should.

Tracey Runge – Goodreads

Leisl Leighton is an awesome story teller. This whole series so far has me wanting to keep finding out more about other characters and read her other books.

Jessica – Goodreads 

The intriguing Pack Bound saga continues in another thrilling romance that keeps readers on the edge of their seat… I was completely caught up in the suspense of the story as well as this emotionally turbulent romance where both the hero and heroine seem to think that neither has a chance at a ‘happily ever after’. This series continues to enthral me and their enemy continues to incite some very strong emotions from me as well, so needless to say I can’t wait to find out what happens in Wolf Bound.

Eva Millien – Stormy Vixen’s Book Reviews

The Pack Bound series continues with book 3 Shifter Bound and is an intriguing and somewhat additive read that keeps its followers coming back for more. I liked the characters and the overall storyline and look forward to reading more from Ms Leighton.

Karen Roma – Goodreads

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You can experience the Pack Bound Series yourself. The first 3 books in the series, Pack Bound, Moon Bound and Shifter Bound are out now. You can pre-order the 4th book in the series, Wolf Bound at:

Amazon AU, Amazon UK, Amazon US, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, Nook, Booktopia

It is due for release on May 20th 2018.

Buy now and get into this remarkable new series.

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