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Were-Witch Chronicles V3I am so thrilled to be able to share the cover of my 4 book Paranormal Romance series – The Were-Witch Chronicles: Witch, Healer, Blood and Ghost – coming out with Escape Publishing in December. Isn’t it gorgeous? I love the colours, the feeling of magic and mystery and the obvious bond between the woman on the cover and the wolf at her side.

This series has been 4 years in the writing and it is amazing to see all the hard work I’ve put in expressed in this gorgeous cover.

I am hard at work at the moment on the copy-edits and am amazed at how engaged I am even though I’ve already gone over the story so many times – writers often find by this stage that they are sooo over their characters and story from staring at it for too long. That isn’t the case with this world and characters I’ve had so much fun creating and I am so excited to find out what everyone thinks in December when it comes out.

The four book ebook box set is up for pre-order on Amazon now. You can pre-order your copy here. I’d love it if you did and then dropped me a line when you read it in December and let me know what you think.


DarkMoon_coverIt’s Thursday, and over on Dark Side DownUnder it’s Magic Thursday. It’s a particularly magical Thursday for me, because I was invited to talk about my new novel, Dark Moon. Given the site’s magical nature, I decided to talk about how my characters surprise me all the time with the things they say and do, and mostly the way they pop into my head, kind of like magic.

I’d love you to visit and let me know what surprises you. See you there.

I revealed my new cover the other day and now I have my lovely official blurb for my novel. So here it is – my first ever published urban paranormal, the first in my Witch-Were Chronicles.  It will be out on March 15th. Enjoy.

DarkMoon_coverLately, Skye Collins has been unable to shake the feeling that she’s being watched. After a lifetime spent hiding her true nature, she knows that any unusual attention is something to be wary of.  And the only attention she’s been receiving lately is from the intense and attractive Jason McVale.

Jason claims to know things about Skye that can’t be true, and it’s obvious he’s hiding secrets of his own. Yet despite herself, Skye can’t resist the attraction between them, and her surrender will set in motion a chain of events that will have consequences for everyone she holds dear.

Gradually, Jason convinces Skye that she has to trust him if she is to solve the riddle of her past and learn the truth about her power.  But believing Jason means that her entire life has been based on a lie.

As her enemies gather strength and the danger increases, Skye is forced to accept who she really is. Will she risk everything and fight for those she loves? Or save herself and let them be destroyed by the forces of darkness?


I have to say right off the bat that I’m sorry I went MIA for a couple of weeks. Life smacked me up the side of the head with a number of unexpected things all at once and there was no time to do things such as write about my love of Dr Who, Marvel characters or Star Trek (all of which I’d planned to do). Not to mention I never got to watch the Dr Who special again after #savetheday childus-interuptus meant I didn’t get the full hit, because my husband was away and really wanted to watch it with me when he got back. Something that will most likely have to wait until after Christmas when things have calmed down a little. So, given I can’t write about any of that yet and today – the first day of the school holidays for my kids – found me sitting in front of the TV for an hour or so over lunch I was struck by the number of Christmas TV movies on again and felt inspired to write about it. I don’t know about you, but I have a soft spot for those Christmas TV movies. It doesn’t matter how terrible some of them are, they are so full of the spirit of Christmas that they always give me a little happy glowy feeling inside. Many have a little romance thrown in, which just makes me feel even more glowy and Christmas cheery.

Annie Claus and her Man

Annie Claus and her Man

I watched a lovely one today with an extremely cheery redhead with beautiful glowy skin who was Annie Claus, Santa Claus’ daughter, and she was on sabatical before Christmas in California, bringing Christmas cheer to everyone she met (except the baddie, who just didn’t get her cheery loveliness) and she got to meet her soul mate too. Throw in a lonely child, orphans a down on its luck toy shop and an elf who really needs to learn not to play power games with the red-suited one’s only daughter (banishment and kitchen-duty hell taught him a much needed lesson!) and it was so sweet I almost got a cavity. I hope they play it again – becuase I missed the start and as you know, set up is everything. However, even though I came in part way through, it was just what I needed to watch with 7 weeks of school holidays stretched ahead of me where I have to juggle bored kids, what to do with them while I’m at work (so lucky my parents help out a lot) and edits for my new novel, Dark Moon, not to mention Christmas looming, all the cards I still need to write and the cakes I need to bake for family and close friends (although I do enjoy this) and a bunch of other stuff besides. It put me in a positive mood to face all of them and made me want to search out my favourite Christmas movie of all time to watch and enjoy with my kids… Bill Murray’s Scrooged.

Bill Murray in Scrooged

Bill Murray in Scrooged

I just love that movie. For me, it is the epitome of Christmas movies – a retelling of Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol, which is THE master story of all Christmas stories from which most other Christmas stories find inspiration – a character study of a bad man made good by the spirits of Christmas and the joy of those around him who can find happiness in the most dire circumstances because they share the love of family and friendship – which is what Christmas is supposed to be about – the spirit of loving and giving and respect for our fellow man. But unlike the traditional Charles Dickens movie versions that are often so dour it’s not hard to see how Ebinezer got to be the sourpuss he is, Scrooged is a funny, crazy, slapsticky version (of course it is, it’s got Bill Murray who happens to be in some of my favourite funny movies of all time…Stripes, Groundhog Day, Ghostbusters anyone?) His version of Ebinezer, TV exec, Frank Cross’ journey from scrooge to generous man full of the spirit of Christmas (and I’m not talking about whisky), is full of an off kilter energy and pathos that shows the pain at the centre of this much maligned character. I know some people wouldn’t like it, but its mix of silliness, comedy, pathos and Christmas message is just perfect for me at this time of the year.

Carol Kane and Bill Murray - violently zany slapstick heaven

Carol Kane and Bill Murray – violently zany slapstick heaven

Bill and Carol Kane (the ghost of Christmas Present) on screen together is a piece of casting genius. I just love the way she slaps him around. She’s the toughest fairy-like Ghost of Christmas Present there ever was! With her and the other Ghosts’ help (not to mention them scaring the pants off him numerous times) Frank builds bridges with his brother, realises he can’t live without his ex-girlfriend, stops an ex employee he completely wronged (the ridiculously crazy Bobcat Goldthwaite) from killing him, creates some much needed Christmas magic for his much put-upon secretary (the blissful Alfre Woodard) and her family and all this while a ludicrously eighties version of a Christmas Carol (it has the Solid Gold Dancers in it!) is being shot live in his TV studio. It is non-stop violently zany slapstick from beginning to end – the kind that sarcasm king, Bill Murray, excels at). Then if it wasn’t already as perfect as it could be, right at the end, they finish off with Annie Lennox singing ‘Put a Little Love In Your Heart’ with Al Green – which is enough to have your feet tapping and feeling as far from scroogy as it is possible to feel all by itself. Good triumphs evil with romance and funny – what could be more Christmassy than that? Other than the Dr Who version of this classic – but that is a completely seperate blog.

And just for a treat, here’s the Scrooged trailer just to get you in the mood – enjoy!

Scrooged Trailer

I’d love to hear from you about the Christmas movies you love.

alexadsett-image-225x300I am thrilled to announce that Australian agent, Alex Adsett, has agreed to represent me and my novel Dark Moon and it’s subsequent series.

It seems she is as enamoured of witches and warlocks, werewolves and shifters, magical occurances and all things paranormal fantasy romance (not to mention the things that go bump in the night) as I am.

Alex has been working in the publishing industry for 15 years and has recently added literary agent to her credits. She has a small, but growing list of genre authors, and has also worked with many popular and well known Australian authors (Barry Humphries and Isobelle Carmody are just two – I’m hugely impressed) while building Alex Adsett Publishing Services. See more here:

I am really excited to have such a passionate proponant of authors, writing and reading good books on my side. I look forward to building my career with her help and guidance and am incredibly thrilled to be one of her stable of talented genre authors.

I happened to stumble across a program on ABC last night with the inimitable Stephen Fry.

That fascinating man was looking at languages, most particularly the 6000 plus languages in the world that are ‘threatened with linguicide’. I never even knew there was a word such as ‘linguicide’, but what a fascinating word that is. And how sad to think that some people’s identity and culture are being lost to homogenisation.

An incredibly interesting series.I’ll be tuning in again. Especially as it made me think about what I love to do in a different light.

I love language and people and cultures and differences – it’s one of the reasons I write and explore these subjects in my novels. Creating new worlds, or just re-workings of our world by tapping into history and a mixture of mythologies and mythological creatures (witches, warlocks, magic, mother nature, vampires, gods and goddesses, muses, elves, dragons and so on) is my little way of carrying forward thoughts and ideas as old as time. But this series by Stephen Fry has made me think even more deeply about how language roots us in all these things. Now my brain is flying with ideas. It’s all very exciting for me (and hopefully for my readers in the future).

Even if you are not a writer or don’t think about language and its effect on our individual and social psyche, I still suggest you watch this show – it was incredibly fascinating.

You wont’ be sorry if you do.

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