Winner of Revelry Competition

Sorry, I’ve been remiss in announcing the winner of Peta Crake’s competition for a copy of her new novel, Revelry (life has been a bit hectic – I apologise to Peta for my lag!) The Winner Is: IMELDA EVANS Her comment about a shapeshifting owl caught Peta’s attention, not to mention, her name was the one she drew out of … Read More

RWA Conference – here I come!

I’m heading off to the Romance Writers of Australia annual conference tomorrow morning with my dear friend, Marnie (a talented writer from one of my writing groups who has taken this year off to write and is going to pitch pitch pitch at the conference. Lots of fingers crossed for Marnie. 🙂 I, like many other romance writers, look forward … Read More

Embrace what you love.

A writer I know, M.J Scott, had a wonderful rant yesterday about people who tell you what you should love and that what you do love is wrong – it was really quite special, you should check it out Anyway, the gist of this rant was that people should be allowed to love what they love and not be … Read More

Launch Party Speech

My lovely friend, Liz, didn’t only hold a launch party for me for my new novel, Killing Me Softly, but she wrote the most wonderful speech. You can see it here at: I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend who has been on this journey with me.

Guest post on Cooking the Books

Today I’m talking with Louise Reynolds, my fellow Destiny Author and brilliant cook, on her website, Cooking the Books about the value of food in friendships and relationships and how food features in Killing Me Softly. Cooking The Books – Leisl Leighton Food is one of the many devices authors use to open conversation, create character and bring our protagonists together. … Read More

Q&A With Carol George at Destiny Romance

I spoke with Carol George, one of Destiny Romance’s fabulous editors, about what brought me to writing Killing Me Softly. Music is a big inspiration to me. What inspires you? I’d love to hear.

I’ve Got The Music In Me

Today I talk on the Destiny Romance website ( ) about the importance of music to me and to my characters in Killing Me Softly. I’m interested in finding out what music speaks to you? Is it a song, an artist? Does it remind you of something – a special moment or place or person? Share you favourite music memories … Read More

Book Launch Party

Yesterday was my official launch of Killing Me Softly. My friend Liz held it at her place – thank you so much to Liz and her husband, Andrew, for volunteering their home and opening it up to family and friends to come and help me celebrate this much anticipated and exciting day. And thank you to everyone for coming along … Read More

Release Day

Today is the official release day for Killing Me Softly. Yay! To celebrate, my Monday writing group are throwing me a little book launch party, and I am so looking forward to sharing my excitement with my family and friends. But for those of you who can’t be there today, you can still find out some more about Killing Me … Read More

Acknowledgement – thank you for the thank yous!

It was a long weekend here in Australia and my family and I were down at my husband’s family holiday house in Dromana (on the Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne) enjoying a glorious weekend of clear blue skies and crisp winter air that wasn’t too cold. It had been a lovely weekend, spent doing not much of anything other than … Read More